Pronova 505

The 505 is our smallest bagging machine, designed to meet the needs of those who are just starting to automate the packaging of their products. A perfect entry-level machine.

It can be completed with filling equipment and printer for further efficiency.

The design is simple and clean with only the most necessary functions. Feeding of the bags is intermittent and the speed is adjustable.

505 with work table

For a convenient and operator-friendly work station we have the 505 with a small work table that holds three unloading boxes.


  • Standard speed: 30-40 bags/min. depending on bag-width.
  • Electrical supply: 230V 1-phase

Joker® packaging system

In 1980, Pronova invented a unique packaging concept named Joker®. Since then, Pronova's main focus has been on developing and manufacturing packaging machines and linked bags in accordance to this concept to companies that need a cost-efficient automated packaging of their products.

Packaging the way you want it - Flexible, cost-efficient & convenient.
- Quality that pays off.

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