Bags and materials

We offer bags in most sizes, configurations and plastic material so that they suit the product perfectly.

Material: PE, Green PE, PIR, PCR, PP, variations of laminates.
Sizes: from 50 to 800 mm wide bags.
Thickness: 40 to 120 µm
Print: up to 8 colours.


We offer premade linked bags that can only be used in packaging machines from Pronova, and printed material on roll. For more information about our printed material, please visit pronovaprint.

Many bags open for filling
With our system you have all bags along the machine’s opening arms fully open, which facilitates manual filling. It also enables multiple filling stations that fill the bags simultaneously.

Easily adjusted bag opening
If you need to adjust the bag opening because of, for example, packing a different type of product of a different size, you can do it very easily with the help of two knobs placed on the packaging machine’s opening arms. You can adjust the opening from a completely rectangular opening to a narrow slot.

Standard machines

Standard machines

We have a wide range of packaging machines that cover most needs when it comes to packing as efficiently as possible into bags. The machine models vary in terms of capacity and possibilities to package manually or fully automatic.

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Customized machine solutions

Customized machine solutions

The Pronova bag packaging system builds on flexibility, which enables us to offer our customers completely customized machine solutions based on each specific product and production.

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