Piping bags and other shaped bags

Piping bag

Piping bag

We can make shaped bags, such as piping bags and rounded bags.

Options that may be on the bags are:

  • Zipper for reclosure
  • Handle
  • Eurohole for hanging
  • Laser perforation
  • Tear groove for perforation
  • Print up to 8 colours.

Piping bags are perfect for sticky products that need to be dispensed in moderation or used for decoration.

Examples of products used in piping bags: mayonnaise, sauce, icing etc.

Standard machines

We have a wide range of packaging machines that cover most needs when it comes to packing as efficiently as possible into bags. The machine models vary in terms of capacity and possibilities to package manually or fully automatic.

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Customized machine solutions

The Pronova bag packaging system builds on flexibility, which enables us to offer our customers completely customized machine solutions based on each specific product and production.

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