A Great Place to Work



It's official - Pronova is a "Great place to Work"!
We have been certified by Great Place to Work®, which has reviewed Pronova's employees' views on leadership, colleagues and work. The certification is "proof that the employees experience a very high degree of credibility, respect, justice, pride and fellowship within the organization".

As mentioned above, the areas included in the Great Place to Work® are:

- Credibility
- Respect
- Justice
- Pride
- Fellowship

and Pronova's employees have averaged above the industry index and the Sweden index on all of them.

We are of course very proud and happy about this and will ensure that Pronova continues to be an attractive workplace where our employees thrive and feel proud.

Great Place to Work is a research and consulting company headquartered in the United States and with subsidiaries worldwide. Every year, Great Place to Work® conducts employee surveys of 11.5 million employees from over 10,000 organizations in 90 countries. The model behind the survey is recognized in research on workplace culture and is based on 30 years of studies on what constitutes a good workplace.

Standard machines

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Customized machine solutions

The Pronova bag packaging system builds on flexibility, which enables us to offer our customers completely customized machine solutions based on each specific product and production.

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